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I am a blogger/influencer who would love to partner with your company. Who can I contact?

We typically work with bloggers and influencers through our affiliate program, which is run through our affiliate network partner, Rakuten. Our paid collaborations and sponsored posts are casted by Rakuten or other subnetwork partners such as rewardStyle & ShopStyle. Working directly with Rakuten is ideal as you will be tracked as a separate partner, as opposed to being grouped in with everyone under a subnetwork. 

If you are currently part of our affiliate program, we invite you to talk to your agent there about working with Nordstrom.

If you would like to become an affiliate, more information about the Nordstrom Affiliate Program is available here:

How can I get photos of your merchandise or stores?

We feature photos of new brands and our most current fashion merchandise in the Multimedia gallery section. The images feature caption information and are for use by students of an accredited institution or news media in connection with a story or article about Nordstrom, Inc. or Nordstrom merchandise.

We feature photos of our newest store openings in the Multimedia gallery section as well. Please contact the Nordstrom PR team to inquire about stock photography for specific locations.  

How can I get permission to film/take photos in your store?
All photographers must have permission and a media escort to take photos or video in a Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack store. Please contact the Nordstrom PR team for more information. Generally, we are not in a position to use our store as a film set, and don’t do a lot of filming in our stores overall, as filming can be disruptive to our business and our store employees are focused on serving customers.
How can I get an interview with or a photo of your executives?

Please contact the Nordstrom PR team with any specific requests.

How can I get a copy of the Nordstrom logo?

We have set guidelines for the use of the Nordstrom logo and we only provide it to approved partner groups and media outlets. To learn more, please contact the Nordstrom PR team.

I am a student doing an assignment on Nordstrom. How can I get info about your company?

Your interest in Nordstrom is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, aside from what is available on this site and through other public resources, we are unable to supply additional information related to marketing or business strategies, operations, human resources or other proprietary topics. 

As a complement to student research efforts, this website provides all available company information for students or others who are researching our company. Please click here for our company history, and here for financial or stock information. 

Further information about Nordstrom may be found in the following books:
The Nordstrom Way by Robert Spector and Patrick D. McCarthy 
Fabled Service: Ordinary Acts, Extraordinary Outcomes by Bonnie Jameson and Betsy Sanders

Can I use Nordstrom in my book?
Nordstrom does not typically lend its name to books, but you are welcome to reach out to the Nordstrom PR office about your book.
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