An Open Mind is the Best Look

Rack Front


Our brand comes to life through people and their emotional connection to Nordstrom. Whether it’s being customer obsessed, the employees and partners we value or the local communities we support, people are at the center of our thinking and the driving force behind everything we strive for.

We constantly seek to grow this connection with our existing customers and expand it to new ones. However, we recognize we can’t succeed on reputation alone nor should we add to the saturated advertising environment – customers are already inundated with companies vying for their attention and wallet. Instead, we must connect more deeply and tell our story beyond the products and services we offer. In that spirit, we’ve launched a new campaign that is intended to celebrate individuality and human connections and convey that as a brand enabled by our people and built by our customers, we welcome all to express themselves through personal style.

Produced in collaboration with acclaimed director Martin de Thurah, our new campaign features a collection of unique individuals with rich and diverse stories and backgrounds – like our customers. It will showcase the world we love – one in which everyone’s welcome, where people and their styles crisscross and openness inspires possibility.

The campaign premiered during E!’s Red Carpet coverage of the Oscars, but this is only the beginning. This story will continue over time, presenting different views on the way we serve and connect with people. In fact, this effort – like everything we do at Nordstrom – is all about connection. This work is also a launching pad to tell more stories about how we connect and serve people in an ever-changing world.

So, if you haven’t already seen it, we welcome you to experience the start of our new campaign for yourself: An Open Mind is the Best Look