The Nordy Pod: 10 Things We Learned from Our First 10 Episodes

As you might have heard, we have a podcast! The Nordy Pod is Nordstrom’s way of giving customers a peek behind the curtain to learn more about the people behind our business and the personalities shaping our industry. Hosted by Pete Nordstrom, President and Chief Brand Officer, The Nordy Pod spotlights the fascinating stories of individuals like Jessica Alba, actor and founder of The Honest Company and Mickey Drexler, CEO of Alex Mill, alongside the incredible teams who work behind the scenes to bring the Nordstrom experience to life for our customers.

To celebrate the launch of our tenth episode, we’re highlighting some of our favorite moments from the pod’s first few months. If you haven’t already, you can get caught up here, or wherever you get your podcasts. Thanks for tuning in – we hope you enjoy it!


Episode 1
Episode 1: Fashion industry legend Mickey Drexler talks about his storied career that changed the face of retailing.
  • “I always admired styled clothes – like Ralph – I felt the world needed good taste, good style at an affordable price. That was my mantra, and it had to be curated.” – Mickey Drexler


Episode 2
Episode 2: Pete’s brother Erik Nordstrom, CEO of Nordstrom, and cousin Jamie Nordstrom, President of Stores at Nordstrom, dive into their family history and share insights on running a business today.
  • “The complexity of the times we’re in demand that businesses – and everyone – have a position, and be part of the solution.” – Erik Nordstrom


Episode 3
Episode 3: Megan Jasper, CEO of Seattle’s legendary Sup Pop Records, talks about her punk rock adolescence and transformation from Sub Pop receptionist to music industry tastemaker.
  • “There’s something about that savage creative energy and space that’s exciting, and none of us wanted to step away from it, even on a really bad day.” – Megan Jasper


Episode 4
Episode 4: Joe Kudla, CEO and Founder of Vuori, shares his journey from CPA to activewear entrepreneur and what it takes to build a successful brand in today’s fashion and retail landscape.
  • “I feel like the fashion graveyard is riddled with brands that grew too fast, sold to everybody, built these monolithic empires, and then just crashed and burned. And I really want to be intentional about building a business that means something” – Joe Kudla


Episode 5
Episode 5: Jen Cohen, Athletic Director at University of Washington, shares her insights on resilience, leading through adversity and being one of only six female athletic directors at an NCAA power conference school.
  • “The standard for leaders is almost like you’re not human anymore. And this is so counter to my belief system. That’s why I like sports – because you have to publicly fail every single day. And find the courage to get back up and keep going.” – Jen Cohen


Episode 6
Episode 6: Sam Jones, film director, talks about building a career as an independent creative, directing an episode of Ted Lasso, his latest film “Tony Hawk: Until the Wheels Fall Off” and a few of his greatest hits throughout the years.
  • “It’s such a scary thing to be a creative and to find the money and to believe in yourself enough to say no, I’ll invest in myself, and I think the more that you do that and it works out, the more empowered you are to do it.” – Sam Jones


Episode 7
Episode 7: Jessica Alba, actor and founder of The Honest Company, talks about her personal journey to create clean, sustainable baby and beauty products and a mission-driven company to help people and our planet.
  • “When I went and lobbied on Capitol Hill, I would sit down with different people in government that sat on both sides – because this isn’t about republican or democrat – this is human health. This is just common sense. We should test chemicals for safety before we bring them into the marketplace.” – Jessica Alba


Episode 8
Episode 8: Joey Zwillinger, Allbirds cofounder, shares how Allbirds has reimagined the making of its fashionable eco-friendly footwear, breaking new ground at the forefront of environmental sustainability.
  • “If we're going to make a dent in the big environmental challenge that we're focused on, we have to be big, so I'm not ashamed of the ambition to be a very large company because I think every shoe we sell and every dollar that we make, consumers are making a choice for us versus somebody else, and that's going to make a better impact on the planet.” – Joey Zwillinger


Episode 9
Episode 9: Doug Mack, CEO of Fanatics Commerce, talks about transforming Fanatics sports apparel into an exciting global brand, their business model and their partnership with Nordstrom.
  • “Once the final buzzer sounds and you have a champion, we immediately begin producing, and I’m talking hundreds of product choices still, this isn’t just like a championship t-shirt, this is going to be the full range of hoodies, sweatshirts, headwear, fleece, all kinds of things.” – Doug Mack


Episode 10
Episode 10: Andy Dunn, founding CEO of Bonobos, talks about entrepreneurship, his experience as an e-commerce pioneer and his journey with mental illness.
  • “When I talked to people about it, early days of pitching Bonobos as a concept, they would say ‘well you can extend a brand online but you can’t build one online,’ and I remember thinking ‘why? Why would that be true?’ and then the question that was so fascinating was well who’s done it, and I loved that I didn’t have an answer.” – Andy Dunn

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Happy listening!