Meet the Stylist: Jaycee Queen from Los Angeles

Whether you're looking for inspiration or want one-on-one styling help, our expert stylists are here to make you feel good and look your best. Our stylists have the best advice including Sandy's tips on building a foundation in your wardrobe. 

This month, we talked to Los Angeles-based stylist Jaycee Queen about where he finds inspiration, how he connects with customers digitally and more.


Q. Tell us a little bit about your journey at Nordstrom and how you became a stylist.
I started at Nordstrom nearly 10 years ago as a salesperson. I knew that fashion was the direction I wanted to go in, so when I got a job at Nordstrom, I was excited. I started to help more customers and became a stylist very quickly. 

Q. What makes a great stylist at Nordstrom? 
Details are important. Knowing your customers and what they like is key to providing them with a great experience. You also have to be flexible with each individual person's style and use your styling expertise--this is the foundation to building trust with customers. Knowledge of the fashion industry is also important. I study each season's collections and build inspiration from what I see online and in magazines. It's fun to bring that inspiration to the fitting room and tailor it to each customer. 
I love being part of my customers' style journey and seeing their confidence grow as we work together. I'm grateful that my customers trust me to be part of their styling journey!  

Q. Tell us about how you use digital styling tools. 
Virtual styling on Zoom and Facetime allows me to serve more customers outside of my Los Angeles. Sometimes my customers don't have time to come to the store, so it's great to connect with them digitally. We also have stylist profiles on where I post outfits that best represent my style. This gives customers the opportunity to browse different stylists and find the right one for them. 

Q. What's one style tip that you think everybody should know?
My number one tip is taking care of your clothing, whether it's your basic t-shirt or an investment piece. When you find clothes that fit great, take good care of them and they will go a long way!

Q. Can you describe a time that you went above and beyond for a customer? 
I recently had a customer call me about a handbag they lost. They were leaving for a trip and couldn't come to the store. Thankfully, I was able to find the exact bag and ship it to their hotel. It arrived, and they were able to look good and feel their best on their trip without making an extra stop.