Meet the Stylist: Danielle Gilbert from Nordstrom Fashion Valley San Diego

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or want one-on-one styling help, our expert stylists have you covered. Starting this month, we’re spotlighting some of our top stylists for a deeper dive into their styling careers and tips and tricks.

We recently met with personal stylist Danielle Gilbert. With 25+ years of styling experience, Danielle has built trust with her customers in person and digitally with her entertaining (and educational) social media.

A picture containing person, outdoor  Description automatically generatedQ. Tell us a little bit about your journey at Nordstrom and how you became a stylist.
I’ve worked at Nordstrom for nearly 25 years!  I had a family member who worked at Nordstrom and asked me to come work there. I applied and got a job as a salesperson. I still have the dress I interviewed in.  Today, I work as a stylist and work with customers in store by appointment and digitally.

Q. What has the transition into digital styling been like and how has your career evolved?
I've seen the company go through so many changes, including this shift to a more holistic way of styling. I used to think about styling as one dimensional and focused on in-person interactions. A customer would walk into the store, you would help them find what they need, and they would leave. Now, I think about serving customers in a kaleidoscope of ways. Whether I am helping a customer through a video call, messaging with them on Instagram or meeting with them in our store, I’ve had to adapt to a new model of customer service to serve customers on their terms.

Nordstrom has given us so many tools to translate our in-store service to the digital world. I can make shoppable outfits for and post them on my social media channels. I can text, email and even do video calls with my customers, and they can easily book an appointment with me. I really enjoy all these new ways of connecting, engaging and listening to customers.

Q. How do you use social media to connect with your customers?
Instagram also plays a key role in connecting with my customers. During the pandemic I started a series through Instagram simply getting dressed in my closet. Even if we didn’t have anywhere to go, it was energizing to get dressed during a time of uncertainty. I received positive feedback from people reaching out saying how much it made them smile and feel good, even during a turbulent time. If I can do this daily, then I feel like I’ve done my job.

Q. How would you describe yourself as a stylist?
There are a few key traits I strive to exude through my interactions with customers and on social media—reliability, accountability and trust. If I achieve this, I know my customers will continue to come back. The connection, even digitally, is real. I answer all messages because I want my customers to feel seen and heard and answer any questions they may have.  My goal is to connect with people and share tips they can use.

Q. What's one style tip that you think everybody should know?
Everyone has so many questions about denim! People want to know about the rise, the cut, the wash and how they should build outfits with shoes and tops. But most people have too many jeans, and don’t wear what they already have.
So, before getting your next pair of jeans, I recommend you try all your denim on and get rid of anything that doesn’t fit. Then, each time you wear a pair, put them away inside out. This will show you exactly what denim you are drawn to and consistently wear and which ones you could live without.
Bonus tip: denim only needs to be washed every 3-5 wears or when visibly dirty. This will extend the life of your favorite jeans!

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