Make Merry Launches at Nordstrom

Make Merry


If there was ever a need to recall a bit of happiness and lift our spirits  it's now. Holiday celebrations may be re-imagined this year and not everyone may be able to come together as usual, which is all the more reason to focus on those unique moments of delight through gift exchanges, expressions of love and the moments we share with family and loved ones. To help highlight those moments and spread some extra joy this season, we're proud to announce our new campaign, "Make Merry."

"This campaign aims to capture the joy of people that are meaningful in our lives, the shared memories of gatherings and the good feelings one gets from giving and receiving with those they love," said Nordstrom Chief Marketing Officer Scott Meden. "Whether it's our friends, families or our customers  we want to pay homage to the experiences that bring Holiday connection to life because in the end, it all comes down to a feeling."



The campaign was produced by Nordstrom and directed and photographed by Matt Jones, who is the son of i-D Magazine founder Terry Jones. Matt is known for his iconic, emotion-based aesthetic that captures the personality of his subjects. 

The campaign includes several colorful, cheerful photos and videos that will run on and on our social and digital platforms, as well as TV, video, print and out of home. Cast members include individuals who were chosen for their personal style and a "light that shines from within," as Jones put it, where his goal was to take inspiration from the world around, rather than a cast of hired professionals. To maintain social distancing and safety standards during the shoot, only family and close friends were photographed together, and each cast member was surprised with a personal gift so their reactions on camera were genuine.