Feel Good. Look Good. Nordstrom for Good.

Celebrating Earth Month


Join us in making better choices for the planet as we champion earth-conscious brands, circularity initiatives and more all year long through our Nordstrom for Good program.

Our mission at Nordstrom is to empower our customers to feel good and look their best, and we’ve heard from our customers that being more sustainable and making a positive impact is key to that. As we celebrate Earth Month, we are excited to share some tips so you can continue to feel good, look good and do good this April and beyond.

Nordstrom for Good
We believe fashion can be a force for change. That’s why we have refreshed our shopping category which allows customers to shop with purpose. You can filter an assortment of products by:

  • Preferred Materials - Everything in this category is made with at least 30% preferred materials—like organic cotton, recycled polyester and more responsibly sourced animal fibers.
  • Responsible Sourcing & Manufacturing - These products are made with particular care for the planet and people, using more sustainable agriculture, managing chemicals and resource use within supply chains or promoting better livelihoods for the people making them.
  • Preferred Ingredients & Packaging - We've identified a variety of certifications that help ensure ingredients and packaging are harvested in ways that protect biodiversity and reduce waste. More details on why they're chosen can be found on individual product pages.
  • Responsible Brand - Business practices can have a big impact. These products are produced by brands certified as either a B Corp or to the Butterfly Mark standard.




Caring for Your Clothes
Taking great care of the clothes you already have is an easy first step toward more sustainable fashion. Book an alterations appointment to mend, upcycle and customize your clothes to make them feel brand-new, last longer and avoid landfills. Nordstrom employs the largest team of professional tailors in the U.S. As our clothing and accessories life extension experts, they can help you by refitting, adjusting hemlines, adding pockets, customizing garments with embellishments, repairing zippers and reinforcing seams. We also provide leather care repair services, shoeshines, sneaker cleaning and personalization in select stores.


caring for your clothes


Beauty products often come in packaging that's hard to recycle at home, and with more than 120 billion units of packaging created every year, we know it's a problem. That’s why we were the first major retailer to develop a beauty recycling program that accepts packaging from all brands, no matter where they were originally purchased from. Move toward a low-waste beauty routine by dropping off your empties in our BEAUTYCYCLE bins in any Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack or Nordstrom Local in the contiguous U.S. To date, we have collected more than 50 tons towards our goal of 100 tons by 2025.


Nordstrom Dining


Dining at Nordstrom
We're committed to offering sustainably produced foods and beverages in our restaurants and coffee bars. Our produce is local and organic whenever possible, and we feature seasonal ingredients on our menus. This supports local farmers, minimizes greenhouse gas emissions during transport from farm to table and provides our customers with the freshest choices. All of our coffee is ethically sourced, which means it comes from farms that are protecting the environment and supporting sustainable production. We continue to use strawless lids, and in 2022, we fully transitioned to packaging and disposables made from plant-based materials like wheat straw fiber, sugarcane and corn, which biodegrade and become soil when composted in a commercial facility.