Continuing to Make Your Voice Heard

The following message was sent from Pete and Erik Nordstrom to all Nordstrom employees on April 6, 2021. 

Voting is an essential, defining element of American democracy. We believe every voice and every vote matter, and our country is stronger when we all participate in the process. Voting is one of the many ways we can be actively involved in supporting our communities. 

Last fall, our Make Your Voice Heard campaign represented our largest ever push to encourage you and our customers to get out and vote. That effort wasn't about a particular candidate or political party it was a celebration of Americans' right to be heard on issues that are critical to the future. Our belief in the importance of voting and participation didn't end in November. We have partnered with organizations like National Urban League, Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR), When We All Vote and Civic Alliance to continue to amplify this message. 

There are some states within the U.S. considering measures that could impact individuals' ability to vote. These measures could have an outsized negative impact on groups that have a long history of being marginalized from the electoral process, including people of color, low-income individuals, students, the elderly and disabled communities. At Nordstrom, our values are centered on the notion of equity and inclusion. We expect the same of our electoral process and will continue to lend our voice and support to protect this fundamental right. 

Pete & Erik