Political Activity

Nordstrom does not use corporate funds to make contributions to support or oppose federal, state or local political parties, candidates, campaigns and/or ballot measures, and does not contribute corporate funds to political organizations (organized under Section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code) or social welfare organizations (organized under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code). Nordstrom does not make independent political expenditures using corporate funds or resources.Nordstrom does not have a company-sponsored Political Action Committee (PAC) and does not generally participate in direct public policy or legislative advocacy. If, in a rare instance, Nordstrom makes a contribution to or engages in any of the above for defined business reasons, it would be reviewed and approved by Nordstrom executive team, without regard for their private political preferences.

Nordstrom is a part of organizations, including industry groups and trade associations, that we believe help to further our business interests. These groups help keep us aware of industry trends and issues. From time to time, these organizations may support us through advocacy activities that advance common themes or interests in the retail community that are important to us. We do our best to be fully aware of those activities and to ensure that they are aligned with our beliefs.