Sharing Our Progress

As our business has grown, it's been essential to evolve our approach to corporate social responsibility as well. We have more visibility than ever before into the impact our business has on the environment, the communities we serve and where we manufacture our products, which means we have an increasing responsibility to improve our practices whenever possible.

Today we shared our latest progress on our impact as a company, and we are excited about the progress we have made against our goals created in 2014. Our efforts span two pillars: taking care of our communities and respecting the environment.

We believe one of our most important responsibilities is to support the people who support us, including our customers, employees and the people who make our products. Highlights include:

  • In 2018, we donated nearly $12 million across more than 600 organizations located in every community where we do business. 
  • We have national partnerships with Shoes that Fit, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, WE Charities and more where we invite our customers to join in supporting great causes while they shop with us.
  • Our employees logged more than 40,000 volunteer hours in 2018, and we donated $1.93 million to 2,413 organizations through our Employee Charitable Match and Volunteer Match program.
  • For Pride Month in June, we sponsored 37 Pride parades in 2019, including a platinum sponsorship of World Pride in New York City. We also provided $100,000 in grants to four LGBTQ youth service organizations.

Environmental responsibility is a priority for Nordstrom and we stand alongside our employees and customers in calling for action. We made significant strides across the company to reduce our carbon emissions, use fewer natural resources and offer sustainable and responsible products to our customers. Specifically:

  • We've achieved a 17.1% decrease in energy intensity since 2014, exceeding our 2020 goal of 15%. By 2020, we're on track to have at least 90% of our energy in deregulated markets is from renewable sources, like solar and wind.  
  • We diverted 75% of our operational waste from landfill in 2018 through recycling and composting.
  • In 2018, we used 2.03 tons of paper per $1M in sales, exceeding our 2020 paper reduction goal.
  • About 95% of our grab-and-go food packaging is industrially compostable, with the remaining portion being fully recyclable. 

More recently, we've also made ambitious commitments to women's empowerment and human rights across the globe; made it easier for our customers to shop sustainable styles; enhanced our work around diversity, inclusion and belonging; committed to the G7 Fashion Pact and so much more. There's really too much to share on a short blog post, so check out the entire Sharing Our Progress report here.