The Next Evolution of Trunk Club

Trunk Club


One of our key differentiators is the service and experiences we offer you. Styling is one such example, which enables you to engage with us on your terms and allows us to help you look and feel your best.

We recently announced the integration of Trunk Club services into our Nordstrom Styling program to align all our Styling capabilities to better meet the needs of all customers. This shift will also provide you a cohesive experience across our stores and online, including full access to our merchandise, stylists, personalized recommendations and loyalty benefits. Both Styling services and Trunks delivered right to your door will still be available for all customers.

Relocating Trunk Club services to nearby Nordstrom stores is also a key part of our market strategy, which combines our unique assets of people, product and place to enable you to shop when and how you'd like. Styling incorporates each of these pieces, giving all customers a convenient, personalized shopping experience  whether that's in our stores, online or through Trunk Club. So if you're a Trunk Club member, now you can conveniently pick up or drop off your trunks at a Nordstrom near you.

We're excited about this evolution and look forward to sharing further updates. In the meantime, below is a brief message from Fanya Chandler, president of Trunk Club, describing this evolution in her own words:

We believe in the power of personal styling to help you look good and feel your best. As you may have heard, we're relocating our in-person Clubhouse styling experience into our nearby Nordstrom stores over the next few months. 

This shift will enable us to give you a better experience and provide access to a greater selection of merchandise in an exciting environment where you can still meet with your stylist. The Trunk experience, where you can have personal style conveniently delivered right to your door, will continue.

Over the next few months, we're working to deliver new ways to better meet your style needs including increased loyalty benefits through The Nordy Club, personalized style recommendations, and convenient ways for you to pick up or drop off your Trunk. 

On behalf of the entire Trunk Club and Nordstrom styling teams, we look forward to serving you in our nearby Nordstrom stores and through our Trunk business.

Your feedback is always appreciated, please feel free to reach out to me at 


Fanya Chandler




Fanya Chandler

President, Trunk Club