Meet the Stylist: Lauren Meek

This month, we talked to Chicago-based stylist Lauren Meek about what makes a great stylist at Nordstrom and the time she prevented a wardrobe emergency. 

Whether you're looking for inspiration or want one-on-one styling help, our expert stylists are here to make you feel good and look your best. 

Lauren Meek

Tell us about your Nordstrom journey. 
I've been with Nordstrom as a stylist for over two years. I love getting to know my customers, so one of the most exciting things about my job is meeting people every day and building those relationships. Getting to know my customers helps me provide them with the right products for their vacations, celebrations and everything in-between. 

What do you think makes a great stylist at Nordstrom? 
It's important that you are excited about the products you are selling. Being a great stylist also means caring for your customers and building a level of trust so that they feel comfortable and excited to shop with you. It's our job to make the shopping experience seamless, fun and inspirational! 

How has the shift to digital styling impacted you? Can you share what tools you use to serve customers digitally? 
Selling digitally is something I have felt comfortable with for some time, however, selling through my social media has been a whole new world! Selling digitally allows me to service customers on their terms. I utilize Style Links through Instagram, and I love utilizing tools on like my stylist page. The tools we have on also provide an easy way to reach out to customers when something new is in stores. 

What styling tips do you think everyone should know? 
My one styling tip would be to shop high-low.  Invest in quality staple pieces that you know will stay in style and sprinkle in less expensive trendy pieces. 

Can you describe a time you went above and beyond for a customer? 
I had a customer that needed a tie for his updated headshots at work. We had shipped one to his office, but unfortunately, it didn't arrive on time. I picked out a similar tie that we had in store and hand-delivered it that morning to his office so he would have it in time for the photoshoot. Even though it was just a tie and a small purchase, I knew it was an important event to my customer and I wanted to make sure he had what he needed.