Meet the Stylist: Ashley Christian

Whether you're looking for inspiration or want one-on-one styling help, our expert stylists are here to make you feel good and look your best. This month, we talked to Austin-based stylist Ashley Christian about qualities that make a great stylist, how she connects with customers digitally and the power of alterations. 

Tell us about your career journey at Nordstrom. 
I joined Nordstrom nine years ago as a salesperson and quickly transitioned to a full-time stylist. Interacting with customers daily and building those relationships is the most rewarding aspect of my job. 

What qualities make up a great stylist?
Flexibility and versatility are important qualities to have as a stylist. I have a range of customers that schedule appointments to shop for menswear, womenswear, kids and even bridal, so I need to be able to flex my abilities to deliver on their needs. Customers rely on stylists as the experts so being honest is critical. It's all about building relationships with customers, and to do that you need to build trust. 

How do you integrate digital styling into your day-to-day as a stylist? 
I've always enjoyed utilizing social media to reach new and existing customers. It allows me to share the latest trends I'm currently admiring and put together outfits in a creative way. The tools we have at Nordstrom also help me connect with customers. Styleboards and Style Links not only allow me to serve customers nationally but also gives me access to the entire company's inventorythe possibilities are endless when it comes to finding the right products for my customers. 

What has been your most memorable customer experience? 
I had a customer book an appointment with me online. I decided to call ahead of the appointment to better understand what she was shopping for. She explained that she needed to find new clothes to wear for her upcoming job interviews and photoshoot for new headshots. She also shared that she hadn't shopped for herself in a long time. Based on our conversation I knew she was reluctant to come in, but I was determined to make this the best shopping experience for her. She walked away from the appointment with newfound confidence and excitement. Those moments and interactions are what make my job as a stylist so special.

What is the top styling trick you share with customers? 
Utilizing Nordstrom alterations! I see so many customers disregard something because it doesn't quite fit exactly how they'd like, even if they love the product. I tell customers that the easiest way to have clothes fit you and your personal style is to utilize alterationsand we have a great team of experts! Once I introduce alterations into an appointment, it changes everything.