Finding the Right Fit: Styling Services for Every Occasion

Our styling team had a tall order to fill when the University of Washington Basketball center, Riley Sorn, needed a suit for his upcoming wedding. At 7'5", Riley Sorn is the tallest player in the Pac-12 and the tallest in the history of the University of Washington Basketball. As part of the University of Washington's mentorship program, Pete Nordstrom joined the program and became Riley's mentor, so when he heard Riley was getting married, he offered to help. 

"I feel really happy I was able to provide solutions at an important time in Riley's life. If I added value, I feel good about it. But the truth is that we have a great team of people who really like finding solutions and taking care of people. That's what we do," said Pete Nordstrom. 

With the help of our expert personal stylist, Mike Guidos he was able to assist Riley in getting a well-fitting custom Peter Millar suit along with a made-to-measure shirt, custom tie and special-order size 18 shoes to help him look good and feel his best on his wedding day. Our alterations team delivered amazing results with the help of Angelica who took measurements to create a custom suit for Riley. Once the suit arrived, Angelica made slight adjustments and added personal details like contrast buttonholes. It was truly a test of skill only a certified fitter and tailor could have accomplished


Mike talked about this experience with Riley saying, "I was fortunate in being introduced to Riley and assisting with finding a suit for his upcoming wedding. We started the process by taking measurements, selecting fabrics and swatches, and placing an order for a made-to-measure suit with Peter Millar." Mike also described what great service looks like adding, "if I can make someone smile, that is great service to me."


Regardless of budget, body type, or lifestyle, our styling services provide an easy and accessible experience to serve every customer on their terms. "They somehow got this together really quickly and the result was far beyond what I imagined and within my budget. That's a slam dunk. I didn't know I could look that good, actually," added Riley. 

For those with a special occasion on the horizon, looking to update their wardrobe, too busy to shop yourself and everyone in-between, find your perfect style with Nordstrom Styling.