Closer to You

Since our founding, we've maintained a relentless focus on our customers and a dedication to going beyond good service to great service. We believe that at the heart of great service lies a unique combination of convenience and connection. Convenience is critical, but for us, it's just a starting point. We must continue to provide customers with high-quality products, when and where they want it delivered. We also must be able to go above and beyond this to truly connect with customers, on their terms, and deliver an experience that is relevant and personal.   

To help paint the picture of how we bring that convenience and connection to life for our customers, we're launching a new campaign called "Closer to You," but this isn't just a marketing campaign. Closer to You is our brand promise and represents how we bring our market strategy to life, including everything from operations to merchandising. It represents having the right product and selection closer to customers' homes and communities by providing order pick-up, returns and services in their neighborhoods. It means making your purchase closer to perfect by providing tailors at every Nordstrom location to ensure the perfect fit. It means bringing style advice closer to customers with access to personal stylists how and when customers want  shopping in-store or online, through our Trunk services as well as providing digital styling experiences. 

Produced in collaboration with director Jazmin Garcia, we created a series of short 'Closer to You' films that capture the seamless integration of how we can serve our customers  bringing them closer to the things they need and want through convenience and connection. Today, we're launching the campaign in five markets  Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco  with plans to roll it out in a big way in 2021. 

Check out the campaign here: Closer to You

Moving beyond the visuals, the campaign itself is a personification of that promise to make a connection. From the director to the cast, we wanted every aspect of the campaign to be authentic to those we aim to reach. Director Garcia has a history of work that explores themes of immigration and cultural assimilation, using family histories and her own experience as a first-generation Mexican-Guatemalan-American to weave together intimate human stories.

Working closely with the agency & director, hiring an inclusive crew was of paramount importance. We were able to assemble a stellar crew with a focus on women and people of color across the art department, camera, lighting and beyond.

Then working with this crew, we sought a diverse talent pool spanning age, gender, and ethnicity. From the onset, we approached casting real people, real families with real stories. This helped both from an authenticity and chemistry perspective, but also with extreme caution in consideration of COVID-19. Given our focus on health and safety, we conducted casting and interviews over Zoom to get a sense of personality and style. The result was a beautifully diverse mix of wonderful people which honored the vision.  

This is just the first step in getting Closer to You, so stay tuned.