Celebrity Stylist Tara Swennen Partners with Nordstrom on Sustainable Style

In 2019, we launched Sustainable Style, the first of its kind shopping category making it easy for our customers to find circular and sustainable fashion choices. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have expanded our product offering to include sustainable product options as part of our 2025 goal to reach 15% of our product assortment to qualify as Sustainable Style. 
To celebrate Earth Day and our commitment to environmental sustainability, we partnered with celebrity stylist Tara Swennen to design sustainable looks. We spoke to Tara on the impacts Sustainable Style has on the fashion industry, her partnership with Nordstrom and how stylists like herself are supporting sustainable fashion.  

How did you get connected with Nordstrom and what makes this partnership work?  

I have been an avid shopper and have worked closely with Nordstrom and their studio teams throughout my career. I jumped at the opportunity to pair up and to do something fun! This partnership is a dream because I want to align myself with innovative brands that encourage a new mindset on the ethos of creating and supporting diverse, representative and inclusive companies; selecting eco-friendly and organic materials; and championing practices and communication that will lead to a reduced impact from the entire fashion industry.  

Tell us about your process in designing these looks. How did sustainable fashion inspire you? 

The Sustainable Style category enabled me to map out my uniquely desired specifications. I could narrow down my search to pieces that support sustainability and contributing to different areas. My goal was to be strategic in making beautiful and inspirational outfits while supporting sustainable practices. I was able to pinpoint my favorite pieces, then mapped out each look to match some of my favorite activities.  

I started prioritizing sustainable fashion and practices in my wardrobe and business when I became a vegan five years ago. I think after 20 years in any industry, one starts wondering what type of a footprint and legacy they can leave behind. I want to help support the industry that has been so good to me for decades while helping reverse the terrible effects it causes to its communities and environment whenever I can. 
How do you see sustainability in fashion evolving and growing?  

The fashion industry is beginning to see that aspirational fashion can be made without sacrificing or exploiting the environment. Brands and consumers alike are dedicating themselves to ethical and sustainable practices and making the shift to completely ethical wardrobes.  

In the future, consumer interest will drive accountability and a need for transparency, encouraging companies to focus on their carbon footprint, resource management and social impacts. Nordstrom, for instance, has a quantifiable goal set for 2025 to have 15% of their product assortment qualifying for Sustainable Style. Details about the goals are available at and their 2019 Sharing Our Progress Report!  
As more retail is taking place online, how has that transformed the styling experience? What new opportunities exist?  

Many customers enjoy the idea of trying things on in their own personal space and this new way of shopping has increased the agility and accessibility of that process. Within that space, many new opportunities exist. For example: Virtual styling is not something we really saw much of before 2020. It has opened a way for people to connect while still being in the comfort of their own home.  

What has been the most exciting moment of your styling career?
The most exciting moment of my career would have to be Allison Janney's Oscar run, win, and ultimate sweep of Award Season for her role in "I,Tonya". We created more than fifty looks over a twelve-week period and it all culminated in her victory!