Beyond the Fitting Room: Styling at Nordstrom

As part of our promise to stay closer to our customers by offering great service through a combination of convenience and connection, Nordstrom has developed an enhanced suite of styling services to serve a customer on their terms. 

At Nordstrom, styling goes beyond a one-on-one appointment in a store. We have expert styling services to fit everybody  from high-touch to low-touch, quick fashion advice or a whole new wardrobe, online and in-store. 

Regardless of your budget, body type or lifestyle, Nordstrom styling services provide an easy and accessible experience. Because Nordstrom has developed a range of styling services, customers can choose to engage in the way that works best for them for that occasion, whether they prefer high-touch, one-on-one service or are just looking for inspiration. 

Below is a breakdown of all the different ways to engage with our stylists:

Get Inspired 

  • Product Page Videos: Our trained stylists give insight on fit and advice on how to style items on
  • Looks: Customers can browse "Looks" created by Nordstrom stylists on that offer outfit suggestions for different occasions and style preferences. We use technology to show different Looks to customers based on how customers shop and what they look. 



Quick and Seamless

  • Stylist Chat and Style Boards: On the Nordstrom app or, customers can chat with a stylist who will provide personalized Style Boards. Stylists can select items across all our categories including women's, men's and kids. 
  • Nordstrom Trunk Club: Simply take our quick style quiz to get head-to-toe outfits to try on at home.  Our team of stylists use data science to pick a tailored selection of outfits according to the customer's input. Customers keep what they love and send the rest back  no subscription or fee required.

Trunk Club



  • Virtual Styling: Talk one-on-one with a stylist on a 30-minute video call and get free personalized advice on fashion and beauty. Customers can book an appointment online with the click of the mouse. After the appointment, we'll send outfit ideas styled with the pieces they love. 
  • In-Store Personal Styling: Customers can work one-on-one with a stylist in a safe and socially distanced environment where they will have a whole set of outfits ready at the start of each appointment. See here for more information on how we're working to keep our stores safe. 
  • In-Store Beauty Styling: We also offer one-on-one makeup and skin care advice with our experts. Just like with personal styling, each appointment will walk through a variety of options that you can purchase or get links to for your reference.

Virtual Styling


Want to know the best part of all our styling services? They're free! There is no fee and no pressure to buy anything  we just love doing it and know that when we provide best-in-class service, our customers are happy and will continue to shop with us. 

So, for those with a special occasion on the horizon, looking to update their wardrobe, too busy to shop yourself and everyone in-between, find your perfect style with Nordstrom Styling.